Just Malia - Apollo Bar



Apollo is one of Malia’s largest and most popular Clubs. With poles and podiums throughout the Club, there is a terrific atmosphere which is enjoyed by hundreds of people every night. Really diverse music and hosting on the mic all night long…

Just Malia - Banana Club



Banana Banana Banana! Banana Club is one of Malia’s longest running and most recognised clubs. It is the only club on the Malia strip where people can sit in or outside…and both are great. Simply absorb the Malia nightlife outside or make your way inside for great DJ’s, MC’s and great bar trickery and fire displays!!

Just Malia - Camelot Club



Camelot Castle Club plays host to some major U.K acts in the summers of Malia. With artists performing at the club including Cameo and Jamie Duggan banging out the Bassline and Foam parties on twice a week, this is one of Malia’s best know Clubs.

Just Mailia - Candy Club


Malia’s newest nightclub, Candy has quickly established itself as one of the places to be seen in Malia. With pumping electro beats all night long and a really plush interior, Candy also hosts glow parties, silent discos, and much more. If that weren’t enough, the massive star, Tinie Tempah also performed live there last year!!

Just Malia



Very recently refurbished, Cloud 9 has become one of Malia’s most talked about clubs. A diverse range of music is played all night long with live MC’s and dancers as well. Great stages and podiums for pole-dancing and competitions, Cloud 9 also plays host to special event nights such as ‘Good Girls Gone Bad’…

Just Malia - Club UK



Malia’s only Trance Club, Club UK is a place for the true ravers of Malia. It is the only club in Malia where you have to go down steps to get in to give it a great feel of a true ‘underground’ club.

Just Malia - Corkers



The staff here are some of the most friendly in Malia – instantly recognisable from their distinct orange t-shirts with the words ‘Take me drunk, I’m home!’ emblazoned across the front. Dancing on the bar and drinking funnels all over the place, Corker’s really is the fun place to be!

Just Malia - Factory



Factory is one of Malia’s most reputable and long standing Clubs. It has music to suit almost every taste and also hosts one of Malia’s most famous and longest running nights – the infamous Summer Dreams which runs every Monday and Friday throughout the summer.

Just Malia - Malibu



Malibu is known for it’s great range of music and banging out the classics new and old. Excellent mixing from the resident DJ’s provides snippets of countless recognisable songs that will encourage every dancer in there to really get their groove on. After the relative tranquillity of Malibu Bar, Malibu Club will get you bouncing!

Just Malia



Petrino really has got it all! A restaurant by day which serves great food, it transforms in the early hours of the morning, into a haven for Malia’s most hardcore drinkers. The ONLY 24 hour bar in Malia, when all the clubs and bars close their doors, the party here is just beginning and will go on as long as you can last!!

Just Malia - The Venue



If you like Indie Music, then this is the venue for you!! Plays every indie song that you can think of and they take requests. Oasis, Killers, Kings of Leon and so many more, this is Malia’s only Indie Club. If you fall in love with the place, like so many do, grab a Venue T-shirt as a great souvenir!

Just Malia - ZigZag



The atmosphere of Zig-Zag will hit you as soon as you work through the door. There are laser displays and shows throughout the night and this is, without question, one of Malia’s most talked about Clubs. The layout is immense with a central bar accessible from all sides, stages flanking the dance floor and poles dotted all over the place!

Just Malia - The Loft



Situated near the top of the strip, this bar is very popular and gives the chance for customers to sit inside or outside to enjoy a refreshing drink. The loft also opens during the day to serve a great selection of food.

Just Malia - The Union Jack



The Union Jack is a very popular location for people that don’t want to miss out on their sport during the holiday. It has massive screens to show sporting events and if they’re not showing what you want, the friendly staff will be happy to assist you. Food is served throughout the day and internet access is also available.


Just Malia - Energy



Energy Pub has a great atmosphere that is full of…well energy! The layout offers customers the chance to sit inside or out and the staff are very friendly and welcoming.


Just Malia - Ice Bar



Ice Bar offers a massive selection of drinks and the music is a great mix of different genres so there should be something for everyone’s taste. The seating is really comfortable and as the name would suggest, it is one of the more ‘chilled’ bars in Malia!


Just Malia - Brits Bar



Brit’s Bar is a loud and lively bar that has everyone bouncing. It has a dance floor and poles for the girls (and guys if they want) to enjoy. There are also a few tables outside and these provide an opportunity to have a bit more of a relaxing drink and watch the Malia strip in all its glory.


Just Malia - Help Bar



One word…FISHBOWL!! Help Bar has become famous with the workers and tourists alike for their amazing Headf**ker Fishbowls. Enjoy a small or medium sized one with prices ranging from 15 to 50 Euros or, if there are enough in your group, go for an XXXL for 300 euro and to see a fishbowl that is almost big enough to swim in!!!


Just Malia - Reflex



Malia’s most famous 80’s Bar – Reflex is pumping out the tunes all night long and also boasts Malia’s only revolving dance floor!! If you like your old classics from Queen, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams etc then a visit to Reflex on your holiday is an absolute must!


Just Malia - Black and White Kings Cross



Situated just outside Camelot Castle Club, Black and White and King’s Cross are great open bars to sit out and enjoy a drink while seeing the Malia night life go by. If that becomes a bit monotonous, then there is a big screen showing own goals and gaffs all night long!


Just Malia



Depending on where your hotel is, this might be the first bar that you arrive at on the strip. With a great selection of drinks and extra entertainment in the form of punch machines and pool tables for you to enjoy.


Just Malia - Blue Night Bar



A great atmosphere and a nice big area to bust a move. If dancing isn’t your thing though, there is a spacious area with comfy seating to relax in and enjoy the stars in the ‘blue night’ sky.

Just Malia



With great atmosphere and drinks offers, London Bar are banging out the Malia anthems all not long. If you fancy something a little bit different however, they’ll take requests for songs and may even let you get on the mic for a bit of karaoke!


Just Malia - Indie Bar



Banging out the Indie anthems all night long, you’ll hear from the likes of The Killers, Kooks, Razorlight, Kasabian, The Libertines, Kings of Leon and many more. Malia’s only bar that plays just Indie music all night long!


Just Malia - Premier Bar



Undoubtedly Malia’s number one Karaoke Bar, Premier has a great name amongst Malia workers and tourists alike. Pick from thousands of songs to impress or embarrass your mates!!


Just Malia - Peach Bar



Peach is a great cocktail bar which has an open front and the music blasting out all night long. It also has a massive open area for a dance floor so is there is no excuse not to throw some shapes!


Just Malia - Bar One



One of Malia’s most iconic bars, Bar One is like a cross between a bar and a club and offers something for everyone. They play some terrific tunes and if you’re a bit of a gambler and a daredevil, pay 2 euro to have a spin of the wheel and see what drink you end up with!


Just Malia - V Bar



Go inside and absorb the beats from the DJ or relax outside on the terrace at the front and watch as the steams of people come down the strip to enjoy Malia and all it has to offer.


Just Malia



Situated right at the top of the strip, just on the main road, Galaxy Pub mainly serves coffees and pastries etc during the day. By night Galaxy, is more of a traditional bar attracting both the English and locals as well. A selection of sports are usually showing on the several televisions inside.


Just Malia



One of Malia’s smaller bars, Enjoy Bar has a very cosy and homely feel to it and is a great place to stop for a bit of a breather as you make your way down the Malia strip. A wide range of music for you to really ‘enjoy’.


Just Malia



R&B Bar is one of Malia’s larger bars and, as the name suggests, plays its fair share of RnB and Hip-Hop. It has several featured nights including pole-dancing competitions and traffic light parties. It has quite a chilled area at the front and then a large dance floor area and DJ Booth inside.


Just Malia - WKD Bar



WKD is well known for its really friendly staff and great atmosphere. It has a dance floor area inside, it has a terrace at the front where people can sit for a more chilled out drink and it has pool tables at the back for those that fancy it. Watch out for the MG cocktail which is the house special!


Just Malia - Lush Bar



Lush Bar is very well known in Malia. Again, it has an indoor area and an outdoor area and its music is very identifiable. Mostly playing urban, RnB and hip-hop, Lush attracts a lot of people for its distinct music which is rarely found elsewhere in Malia.


Just Malia



Malia’s only lap-dancing bar and definitely worth a visit for something a bit different on your nights out in Malia! Get down there to find out more about what is on offer…


Just Malia



Orgasmic is a great open bar situated near the centre of the strip where the real hub of activity is. There are a few different themes running throughout the bar with quite a ‘jurassic’ feel to the place! Definitely worth a visit…


Just Malia - Chasers Bar



Chasers is situated right in the heart of the strip amongst some of Malia’s biggest and most famous clubs. It is a great place to have a little breather from the electric pace and atmosphere of all the surrounding clubs. Opens until very late on so is also a great opportunity for a night cap on your way home. Raki is their speciality!!


Just Malia - Babylon



Babylon is a well-established bar in Malia and has a great layout and set-up to really maximise the enjoyment for everyone. They specialise in cocktails and are one of the only bars in Malia to have live dancers. With awesome music as well, there really is something for everyone at this place.


Just Malia - Roadhouse



One of Malia’s best known bars, Roadhouse offers people the chance to sit inside or out. Well known for its friendly staff and great sample of music, Roadhouse is one of the few bars in Malia with a live DJ all night long.


Just Malia - Zoo Bar



One of Malia’s largest and most modern bars, Zoo Bar is as famous for its daytime entertainment as it is for its electro music and cocktails at night. Great for viewing major sporting events and with Playstations and pool tables as well, this is one of Malia’s most talked about bars.


Just Malia



With a tropical theme, Oasis Cocktail Bar is one of Malia’s more chilled out and relaxed bars. A great place to have a few drinks just before you hit the big clubs which are just nearby on the strip.


Just Malia



One of Malia’s newest bars, Rock Angels is Malia’s only bar dedicated purely to the genre of rock. Rock Angels also sometimes have live acts performing which are certainly worth getting down to have a listen to…


Just Malia


There maybe plenty of Irish bars in Malia’s neighbouring town, Stalis, but Molly Malone’s is Maia’s only Irish bar. Molly’s has a great atmosphere and the chance to sing karaoke is on offer for those that want it. If that isn’t your cup of tea then maybe a nice pint of draught Guinness instead? It’s the only place you’ll find it in Malia!


Just Malia - Saltire Lounge Bar



Malia’s only Scottish Bar – and proud of it! Famous for its Jagerbombs and Buckfast on offer, this bar has a real homely atmosphere and everyone is welcome – not just the Scottish!


Just Malia - Oscars Bar



Oscar’s Bar is situated near the bottom of the strip, just near the beach. It serves great snacks in the daytime with various films and English television programmes showing throughout. Pool tables are also available. By night, Oscar’s Bar gets the alcohol out and their special is a litre glass of glass of draught lager!!


Just Malia



Next door to Oscar’s Bar, the two places are actually very similar in what they have to offer. Again there are snacks on offer throughout the day as well as entertainment on the box. The bar has the alcohol on tap at night and serves until very late into the night.


Just Malia



If you fancy somewhere a bit more quiet and relaxed when the football is on then this is the place for you. White Hart also shows a whole host of other major sporting events and does so in a more easy going and homely environment than some other more ‘hustle and bustle’ places in Malia.


Just Malia



Quite like a typical English Pub, you’ll feel right at home in Big Brother. With comfortable seating all around and English television programmes shown throughout the day, Big Brother also shows live Big Brother episodes right throughout the summer.


Just Malia



Downtown is just off the main strip but only a few yards away and it would be a shame if you were to miss it. With great drinks and open until very late into the evening, Downtown has seating inside and out and plays a great range of music all night long.


Just Malia - Squeeze



Squeeze is a funky little bar near the beach at the bottom of the strip. It has pool tables and a dartboard for entertainment and serves a very famous all day breakfast. Plays a very eclectic mix of music with indie and rock probably being the favourites.


Just Malia



Minoa Bar is towards the bottom of the strip towards the beach. It is one of Malia’s more relaxed bars where the music is not so loud that you struggle to be heard! A great place to start your night out before things start to get messier! Pool tables are available as well.


Just Malia - Electra Crazy Bar



This is quite easily one of the most mental bars in Malia!! From the moment it opens in the evening, right until the minute it closes, it is a non-stop party with the staff so energetic and enthusiastic, it will make you tired just to sit and watch them!


Just Malia - Malibu Bar



Malibu is right opposite Malibu Club and offers a much more relaxed and chilled environment rather than the extremity of the Club just over the road. Very comfy seating and an open air bar, this is a great place to sit back and watch the Malia strip go by in its very busiest part.


Just Malia



A very chilled out bar situated about halfway down the Malia strip whichever direction you are coming from. A great place to chill out for Malia’s more chilled out tourists or just to catch your breath and have a proper chat with your mates where you are not screaming to be heard!


Just Malia - Yiasu Bar



Yiasou is Malia’s largest Bar and is absolutely stunning to behold! It is best known for its Watermelon Fishbowls and Lara the parrot that can speak English and a little Greek too! Don’t offend her or you’ll get an earful and some of her language is a little colourful!


Just Malia



Chilled by day and lively by night. In the daytime there is a chance to grab a coffee or milkshake and relax in the sun. By night, Bar Union follows the majority of the strip and turns its attention to giving the people what they came to Malia for – alcohol and banging tunes!!


Just Malia - Mike's Pub



Mike’s Pub could be your very first stop when on a night out on the Malia Strip. It is right at the top where the strip meets the main roads and with great offers on cocktails and a choice of seating inside or out, it’s as gooder place as any to get your night underway!


Just Malia



Like Pop music? Then you’ll love Pop World! A great fun place to be and they are playing the cheesy pop music into the early hours of the morning. A great, fun place where it’s all about rolling back the years and hitting the dance floor!


Just Malia



Want a party in the daytime? Then head to Pool Bar Crazy! Malia Classics are played all day with loads of pool games and competitions to get involved with! Oh and there’s a bit of alcohol on offer – just to spice the games up!


Just Malia



Malia’s only Gay Bar! Everyone is welcome at Eros and for those that like to party until very late on, Eros is open until very late! A little way from the strip but well worth the walk!


Just Malia



Despite the name, the bar is not exclusively for the Geordies! However you will see Newcastle memorabilia on display around the bar and it is the only bar in Malia where you can buy a ‘skittles’ drink!!